You Are.

You Are. love #peace #beyou #light #hope #awsm #light #youare #motivaiton #path stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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Perfect in your own way....

You Are.

These eyes see you as the green of forest, The dew on leaf ready to drench parched soul, And vista after storm that every heart desire to hold.

The embrace of you, I want to live in forever, Your presence is the path in the jungle of thoughts, That will finally lead me to the light of peace.

Can I turn back the clock to be with you in past? Under the roof of our empathy, I feel safe, In the hurricane of cold emotions, I found cave.

Clingy I would be called but, With each breath I desire your attention, Love, shield me with this weapon.

Take me there where you live, Baby, I want to dance in winter, All wrapped in your warm arms.

Thank you so much for reading. you are awsm. keep on writing.

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