UNUSUAL DINNER. date night stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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With him you need to be silent.


Murdered you infinite times in my mind, Wish, I can if put molten lava on those chattering shutters, That girl who passed by just got scanned,

For I want more than one at a time, The served dinner you don’t deserve, That's it! For my writings you are no longer preserved,

Wish could rinse your face with hot soup, Maybe then I will be able to see the real you, Words you are saying I no longer wish to hear,

Because the girl behind you is already asking my number, My not so speaking mouth for you adding fuel in the fire, All the time being you!! god damn it, don’t you get tired,

I wonder how fire eat ice, I Wish if the sweetness of desert can eat you alive, Oh so no feminism on the table when it comes to pay,

Why does all the time I am being preyed? Silent treatment from you is the best therapy, But here you go again, birthing the misery,

On our way back to home I am still with you, As I willingly chose to be preyed, For you are what I need to warm my bed.

Haha just tried to think like a boy who is stuck with his clingy girlfriend. Tell me if u like it. Thank u so much for your constant support. Love you.

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