Then Nature Cried 'Befriend Me'
Then Nature Cried 'Befriend Me' pollution  #nature #end #notfar #love #piece #nature #motivation  #help #behuman stories

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Nature seek piece.

Then Nature Cried 'Befriend Me'

In the forest of purest Oxygen, I entered, Breathing the earth’s hoariest odour, Standing under the sleuth of trees, The ambiance of cleanest, my soul incarnated,

But abruptly timber thirsty fiend stormed, Encroaching, to make everything as per humanoid norm, Moved forward and stepped into fauna, Where each animal had its own aroma,

The children of nature were being smuggled, For skin, teeth, fur and higher standard, At the deserted land of hopelessness, I witnessed the vindictive deed of my kind,

The throat of earth left parched, In an exertion of fulfilling your demand, The green cloth of earth that we cleaved, Was made to guard us from the storms of snow, heat, rain and wind,

Now dressed in coal black to mourn her own birth, We are cursed to death by mother earth, Seeing the downfall of my own kind,I asked ‘Oh! What should I do?’, “befriend not end me” nature cried.

Thank u soo much for reading.😀 Thank you for being so supportive. Love you. keep on writting.

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