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2261 followers thank ou so much. Answers to your questions. little introduction.


I have reached about 2261 followers. I am so happy yyayyyy. here's the answers you asked me in my last thank you post. once again thank you so much.

1. @Kira My fvrt song hmm.. u know my favorite is many so I will tell the songs I litsen according to my mood. Emotional, or depress: Down by Alan Walker (not popular but I love the layrics)

Naughty: Love me harder by Ariana Grande (hehehe), bow chikka wow wow by Lil Wyne. Tired: Lazy song by Bruno Mars (I love his all songs he makes me feel special) heheh Other moods: whatever comes first in my playlist.

2. @Poemsaboutlife Woah my dreams tell you what… I don’t know why but I think the holder of my dreams hates me. I have seen ghost, been drowned, pregnant lady chasing me (most disgusting of all), locked in an empty room, screaming.

Cutting the wrist of my sister (would love to kill her in real life but this was horrible heeehhhe), I was attacked by black shadows, and so many I don’t even remember now. I don’t have many romantic dreams but when I get them they are mostly steamy as f (hahha). Don’t worry I’ll write about them soon.

3. @In As I said earlier I have so many things counted as my fvrt… hahha Book: books by Dan Brown, Confess by Colleen Hoover, Management thoughts by Vijay Batra, Stone Cold by David Baldin, and the eroticas by Sharon Kendrick (Ps plss don’t read the last one if you are not mature enough)

Movies: Interseller, love and the other drugs, the pursuit of happyness, Collateral Beauty, bajrangi bhaijaan (hindi movie by salman khan), Pk (by Amir khan) oye there are so many haahah but these are the best.

And about the place: umm I want to go to hajj at least once or for umrah. After that I would love to go to US to meet my longdistance friend.

4. @Badwriter When it comes to food I love everythings you name it except vegetables. Aaaa my mother always scold me for this but I cant help my stomach is just not in love with them. Or rahi baat noodles with or without soup. Let me make this clear be it anything except vegetables. Specially bhindhi (lady finger) Hehhhe

Actor or actress: Will Smith, Keanu Reeves (his acting in John Wick is just breath taking he is so hot), Jake Gyllenhall, Ranveer singh, Himayu Saeed. Bus itni si hi khawahish haye. Hehheheh. How tall I am: umm unfortunately I am just 4.5.

5. @Debadityadutta Umm I don’t like them but I do appreciate their hard work and some of their awsm movies. Pk, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Raees. But Amir khan is cute.

6. @Stevewaldrop Honeslty before here I never considered myself a writer. I even logged in just to read but now everything is different. Different people influencein different area.

For funky stuffs: Badwriter is my greatest influence. I always want to write like her. Her writing appear so natural and so cool. Therefore when I write some stuffs like funny I want ot sound like her.

For poems: @skye, @stevewaldrop, @Kira trust me when I was writing my first poem ‘Urban Green’ I was thinking about you guys. I know I cant be as good as you guys are but at least I can try. I just love your poems, you guys are awsm.

For stories: @boblong is my greatest influence. I want to write like him. when you read stories written by him you can feel the words in air forming the particular scene. I just love him and his writings.

7. @Boblong Your question was why do I call myself stupid? Heehheh because with this way nobody will get chance to call me stupid because I have already informed them hahhah.

8. @pleasehelpme Umm nope I don’t like harry potter (I am sorry) but… I do love Daniel Radcliffe he is HOTTT. Food: I eat everything so give me all but vegetables. Fvrt book: please check the point number 3. Movies: check number 3.

Hussshhhh I am tired now hhahha. This is my hidden quality I can be tired all the time without even doing anything. Hahhah. I am sorry for this late answers I was busy in college thing. Thanks for reading.

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