Stop Expecting Us To Be You.

Stop Expecting Us To Be You. we #unique #different  #love #can #motivational #love #peace #nojidgung #beyou stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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Just stop.

Stop Expecting Us To Be You.

Then they said I can’t be girl, Because like other I don’t twerk, The boy who wore pink, ‘He is homo’ what now is inked.

The one who dated many boys, Is going to be named brat and wild, Yeah, I got the tattoo on my back, Not extra ears to listen all your trash.

Will sympathise the girl who was raped, Will also use her example to make kids afraid, Honey, mini is not your skirt but their mind, They are just disgrace to human kind.

The veil she uses is her decision to hide, At least with all the grace see how hard she try, And then the girl is not girl if not waxed, Actually, thoughts like this should be taxed.

Modern is not what clothes you wear, It is to erase all the prejudges and be clear, My personality is my asset not your claim, If you are hurt then it is your mentality that should be blamed.

I was being told that I am not girly just bcoz I do things differently so this came up.... I didn't know how to answer that person so I chose silence and started writing this... Stop judging us just bcoz we do things differently... Thanks for reading. You are awsmmm.

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