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Rebirth of earth. Based on today's prompt: REBIRTH.


Rebirth of earth, won’t take place, So, if you can stop please give her a space, Signed protocols, memorandum of understanding, Meeting, fake concerns are nothing but acting,

The plastics, CO2, greenhouse gases, Industrial revolution and their phases, Decreasing life expectancy not only yours, Mother earth is in danger, put back that cigarette in your purse,

Acid rain, tsunami, volcanic eruption, Are nothing but results of your own disruption, Congratulations! Jungles are being encroached, To make parking lot for your porsche,

The flame of funds, bad reports and your lies, Melting the Antarctica’s ice, Stop before the wrath of earth consumes all, If rebirth of earth near, we will be nowhere at all.

The quality of air in New Delhi (Capital of India) is becoming worse day by day. People have now started migrating. The rebirth of earth is really not possible and if it did I don't think we will be allowed again to create this mess. The future is in our hand. I hope u understand. Thank you so much for reading.😀

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