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salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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It's my mum's birthday yayayayyyayayay. Warning! Some kido rhyming. Bonus my pic with my mother.


The time I was nothing, You ask me to hope for something, I see light in darkness, Whenever you came to harness,

Your wishes are faster than light, For me you fight so many fights, I am nothing without you, You don’t say but I know you love me too,

For me you are the beginning and end, The sky and the place, every time I want to land, You are the peace I seek, You are only thing every time I want to meet,

Sometimes you are the storm, But mostly you are the warm, My smile is your happiness, Your smile works as diesel in my veins,

Count numbers till the end, This is my love for you, cannot be measured.

Happiest birthday to my love ‘Ammi’. I love her soooo much. Thanks for reading the childish poem. Thank you so much for your constant support guys without you I am nothing.

joining Commaful was y best decision of all ohk my first good decision so far haha ohk I should be gone now with next slide you will see me and my love Ammi. Thanks for reading. keep on writing.

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