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Any form of domestic violence is not acceptable. Your silence is their biggest weapon. based on today's prompt. Tears


People cry when their loved ones die. Because they know that there will no longer be any memories to create with them.

But what if I don't have any memories. I don't have memories of the person who is dead but scars, bruises, and nightmares given by him.

No I am not cursing the one who is dead I am just saying I have nothing to cry on. No memories. No laughs he shared. No love we enjoyed. But some horrible incidents.

Just because I don't love him that doesn’t mean I hate him. They say why I am not crying. And I have no words to answer, because I don't want to ruin the reputation of dead person.

I heard someone calling me cold hearted. They are calling me heartless. But they don't know near this dead body I feel nothing. No happiness, No sadness, No sorrow, No peace.

He never asked me to help him when he was struggling but like a foolish I did. He gave me things that no human deserve. He never promised, He never loved me, He never wanted me.

But now after so many years he is dead. Laying right beside me. I wonder how this peaceful face used to be my nightmare. Now that he is gone now I still feel the horror. The nightmare he gave me to live with.

People cry when their loved ones die. Because of the memories they shared together. But here I am standing near him trying to find a reason and one happy memory to shed my tears on. I have no memories, no moments but scars, bruises and nightmares given by him.

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