In The Abyss Of Thoughts.
In The Abyss Of Thoughts. confused stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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Mostly all the time. (so sorry for my absence but will read your works soon I am sorry again.thank u so much for reading my work)

In The Abyss Of Thoughts.

Forty winks, for some time keeps her misery away Among the jungle of people, silence is her bezzie The chamber of thoughts is probably sunken

Taking a look outside in garden, flowers cachinnating odours The rain of thoughts drench, garden and her Thinking incongruously

The ghost of unknown future haunted her Fear that rained her skin She caressed the flowers mellowly to calm herself

But just like her mistakes, those thorns roared on her skin Mistakes that potholed her heart Her guts niggled about what comes after present? Of her story this can't be END?

My mind for 15 or 18 hours of day will be thinking about the things that never happened or how things should happen. Sometimes I wonder if I am normal. I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for being so supportive just know you are the light that will brighten the path of many around you. I KNOW.

I am sorry for my absence will read all your work soon. Thank you so much. Just Thank u so much for being so supportive 😊

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