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My home land is turning into ashes, The land where I was born and married,


My home land is turning into ashes,

The land where I was born and married,

It’s been two years since he died,

No body knows how long they may survive,

Every day is like dooms day,

To live life with every second we fray,

They no longer go outside to play,

Sometimes till middle of the night we pray,

Guns, bombs, missiles,

Kids are parched after continuously walking,

later long walk they ask how many miles?

They no longer demand good food,

They eat whatever is served,

No new shoes on Eid,

walk with bare foot,

The schools are hidden in debris,

They build it again,

The next day ashes were the only thing remained,

Deaths are so f r e q u ent,

That namaz a janaza is constant,

Not enough to eat,

Breast are out of milk to feed,

Kids took birth not in hospitals but camps,

This hurt more than cramps,

In a fear of r a p e,

Many embrace death,

Many r a p e d, while tied mouth with tape,

We live without light,

For h o p e and my k i d, every second I have to fight,

Migrating from my h o m e l a n d,

In a hope to find helping hand.

Thank u so much for reading. By the way the painting is mine I tried to paint mother holding her baby on her lap. I got so emotional while writting this I literally cried. I could feel their plight, their suffering. I am just not sure if I did good job but This is all I got.

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