Give Me Your Peace.
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salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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After every morning there comes night. *strong language* or whatever. Thanks for reading.

Give Me Your Peace.

Slap me hard or maybe harder So that I can uncage my tears for legitimate reason

Don’t tell me I can Because dead end, is life’s final judgement

Please tell me it is night And if it’s not then why it’s always dark inside

Don’t ask me what time is it Right now, it is always dawn or something depressing

Oh, please! You will be like “after dawn there is morning” right? F*ck it!! Because this dawn contains minutes that are longer than hours

Tear apart my mind So that I can no longer be stuck in this labyrinth of thoughts

God damn it! This sound of wind disturbs a lot So, if I shout on you that’s because the climate is hot

My therapist says, “it’s going to be a good life” I wonder how I will adjust him in my microwave or maybe fry

Trust me at your own risk Because I am good at heart, driven by mind that wants to F*ck you all.

I am so sorry if anyone felt offended while reading this. *inside my mind* I am not feeling apologetic though....hahahaha Thank u so much for reading. Good stuff will be coming soon.

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