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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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She is not a failure, right? Based on today's prompt: FAILURE.


There is this morning of hope again, Hope for new thing, Hope for good, Hope for end of all bad things. But Is it normal if you don’t have any hope? Because right now she can’t take herself out of her own darkness.

She can sense the new faith among people But, She can’t be them, She can’t stand with fake smile of hope, She can’t be happy right now, It is not insulting to be not hopeful in the morning, right? Because she doesn’t have anything to be happy about except, her life.

The life she is living for the last 21 years but still figuring out, What is her purpose? What is her path? What is her destiny? Is it bad to feel like a failure? Because she is feeling like the one.

Her heart is becoming a swamp where She hides, Her pain, Her screams, Her every trash, She wants to scream because hiding them is making her more anxious, But she is afraid of these unknown people.

Tell me she is not a failure if she is feeling this right now, Tell me she can survive this, Tell me she is normal,

Tell me she will be good soon, Tell me things will get better, Tell me she is not a failure.

Hey I am sorry for this. But I am going through this feeling and I just started typing. I hope you are doing great. Tell me I will be fine soon. Thank you so so much for being so supportive. Based on today's prompt: FAILURE.

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