Crave For Her Love.
Crave For Her Love. stories

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For @ nazneensayyed in a response to her piece titled 'Crave for his love'.

Crave For Her Love.

When I am near her I want to stop the time because it reminds me that she is with me for limited time.

But when she raises her fingers to entangle with mine I immediately distract her because the electricity in my veins will strike my heart so hard that I will fall for her.

Never knew this betting will be at the cost of my everything. In her embrace I almost lose my heart, my breath, my strength, my aim, my body.

She is just a mere of structure with nothing much but innocence and I am just a mere of structure with nothing much but hate, evil, dark, and the bet I took on her.

If I fall for her I know I will be crushed because the boys who are waiting for me outside will know how soft hearted I am.

But my every beat is praying for the next life where I will be with her no matter what but not in this life.

The I came uo with is in the response of one of the awsm writer on commaful @ nazneensayyed I hope u like it babe... Thanks for reading and go check her part of story too😁

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