Another Loser
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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Another Loser

I don’t usually fight for things that are beyond my reach. Because I know what I am capable of and this is what makes me loser in front of everybody.

They say I always play safe but they don’t see what I play is actually something out of my comfort zone. And that ‘out of comfort zone’ is may be different for different people.

Walking can be tagged as ‘out of comfort zone’ for kids who crawl or for paralysed person and yeah,

I am not denying that society does not recognise their efforts actually they even appreciate their effort and cheer them up.

But just because you can walk properly that doesn’t make them loser, does it? (if you think it does then please kindly go to hell).

Now put these last two sentences in different situation because I can give you thousands of examples of ‘out of comfort zone’ but there will be no use as the point is ‘nobody can be tagged as

a loser if they are trying’. So, if you think I am loser just because I am trying something you are master in then please don’t, it hurts.

If you can’t appreciate someone then please don’t say anything that discourage people. Rest is up to you.

Recently I travelled on my own, I wanted to share this with someone but something hold me as I know they will call me stupid that’s what gave me idea to pen down my fear. but here on commaful everything is different and this is what I love about it.

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