Magic moment of an angel
Magic moment of an angel ufo stories

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‘Roish’ is a happy cool attitude girl living in forest with animals and birds. A fortuitously situation she meets man or can say semi man from space. The friendship and bounding develops between them. They interact and stay together, sharing love, supporting each other. However, the man has the necessity to go to his world in space.

Magic moment of an angel

Roish is living in the forest in her hay weave cottage, which is surrounded by plants and little animals. She is living with her cat ‘Tommy’, dog ‘Jiggi’, two goats, their two calves and with lots of other animals and birds. It’s an early morning and Roish is still sleeping in her wooden bed, which has an arch on top of it. Tommy meowing ‘meyuvvv’ in her ears, rubbing by his face on her ears and waking up her.

Roish lazily gets up and giving food to animals, watering the plants as her usual daily morning routine. A nebulous day, in the mist climate with the morning bliss, flowers, leaves in the plants are waving and saying good morning to this lean, curly hair little angel.

Abruptly a mysteries sound comes from the cloud. There is a little oval figure falls fast from the sky, through clouds. Roish rises her eyebrow, opens her big eyes fully, fearfully, confused and looks at the object. Before her mind works, the object falls in her premises, approximately twenty feet away from her. She couldn’t’ see in that dust.

After few minutes, Roish walking slowly, placing her foot softly without step sound, going closer to the object. Slowly dust goes down and the object is started visible. It is halfway dumped in the sand. The object is fifth time her height whilst dumped in the sand. She walks and rounding the object. Slowly trying to touch the object ‘Hmmm’, no she doesn’t.

Again, she is circumnavigating the object. Ohhh she can see a see through portion in the object, “Hmmm must be glass”, Roish thinking! She puts her face closely and seeing what inside this. Something moving. Roish is afraid screaming and runs away towards her cottage. Looking at the object weirdly. Something opening in one side of the object.

A bulk, tall, sharped nose kind of a semi man comes. He has got brown skin, long hands and legs. He looks at Roish and comes towards her. He comes closer and giving some sound and try to communicate with Roish. “Who is this?” Roish stiff her body and asked. Again a different sound from the man.

He goes and sits on the floor just near the door. Silent lasts for some times. That day the night passes. Roish couldn’t sleep calmly. Next day morning sun raises on Roish face through window. Roish wakes up and unlike her regular routine, she opens the door fastly and seeks the man. He is still sleeping. She waits near him until he wakes up.

He wakes up, Roish tries to talk to the man. The man looks calmly at her. She feels some calmness and confidence to talk back with him. She does not know how to call him. She named him as ‘Chibby’ and start calling ‘Chibby’. Bringing fruits and giving to him. Sunsets, stars comes up and Roish goes to sleep. Roish gives a mat to Chibby to sleep, though he doesn’t understand and sleeps on the floor.

Afterward day, while eating her breakfast, Roish gives some cooked food to Chibby, He smelled those and not eating. Then Roish runs and picks some fruits and seeds, hmmm Chibby smells and not eating. Chibby goes near the pot, which has a beautiful art drawn by Roish, and drinks water. He looks at the art and feeling amazed. He comes back and eating the fruits and seeds.

Chibby stares at Roish and smiled. His smile has lots of care. Roish feels gratifying and smiles back at Chibby. Day’s passes and they become best friends now. Chibby helps to Roish’s cultivation, cooking and day-to-day activities. Now Roish could understand Chibbys wordless language and Chibby also could understand Roish’s language.

Chibby telling about his world and it specify, that he is a ruler from another world. He has many responsibilities. Like ruling his folks, protecting his world, taking care of environment and all. Chibby is in a situation to go back to his world to set and continue his ruler.

Therefore, Roish helps him to restore the UFO in all the ways that she knows, though she doesn’t want him to go back to his world. All tries goes fails. Time goes by fast. They both are glad together. Chibby was brought up in the world everything is mechanize, and no emotions. They do their activities as a standard practices and Chibby is a person who monitor and rule all of them.

He starts feeling the emotions like love, care, angry etc. While Roish take cares of their animal and plants he started realizing the care and love living being have. He feels good and happy with this. He becomes so attached to Roish. All Roish pets become closer and friendly with Chibby. He plays, talks with the pets.

In a sunny day, they both go out to collect woods to build a little hut above the tree, to stay during rainy time. They go far and collect broken woods. Chibby enjoys the day with Roish. They have a good bounding and they both are happy together. They feel tired, drink some water in the small waterway nearby. Both sit under a tree.

By evening, they both back to their cottage. Once they enter into their territory, doggy, hens, rabbits and all are surrounding them and started jumping over them. Chibby first time feeling this animals love. It looks weird and different to him, but he feels happy and gets goose bump.

One day a heavy rain with lightning and thunder, heavy wind, tree branches touch the UFO. The UFO lights on and started on with a sound, due to the electricity passes through lightning. Chibby and Roish are observing this from window. Oh it’s time to go, but Chibby really don’t want to go.

However, if he miss this chance he might not be able to go again to his world. He started crying, with confused mind, that first time Roish is seeing the tears in Chibby’s eyes. Roish, a brave smart girl decided say good-bye to him. Still this little angel feels the pain about the thing that is going to happen, the departure of Chibby.

Roish supported him and says, “You go and rule your place”. Roish telling to Chibby with full of water in her eyes, “Once you completed with the ruler job, come back again I will wait for you”. Chibby at last decided to leave. Chibby leaving, he left his wooded toy ship he made for Roish.

Roish’s days passing looking at the sky and the toy ship Chibby gave. She is waiting for him forever and ever. Chibby’s days passing thinking of Roish’s care and support. The wooden ship remains forever with Roish as Chibby’s magic moment.

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