Backing out
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Exploring belonging.

Backing out

Born to a city that didn’t want me

It could not call my name

I didn’t want it

I learnt to be what it wanted me to be

I longed for the country

It’s vast landscapes and winding paths

Not underestimating it’s challenges

I wanted to get lost in it

The ease of the city

These cramped suffocating spaces

Had no place in my heart

The screens, the connections

It’s false nature

Productivity was not my drive

I longed for vast loneliness

For the outdoors to be my personal space

Crowds and cars

How can you find yourself?

They do not call my name.

Yet so unfamiliar

I fear the move

Unknowing the life of the country

Who wants me there either?

It is not mine

It is not there’s either

But it calls me

It knows my name

It calls me

It feels like the only real thing left

The life of the country

Off the land

You can’t escape it’s raw truth

You can’t ignore or hide from yourself

I am afraid to meet me

I am afraid to say my name

I am afraid to know me

The city has taught me well

It has succeeded in eliminating me.

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