The Bird On Main Street
The Bird On Main Street friendship stories

sabrinadonzelli Community member
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For one of God’s most unique creations. May he soar to the limits with all the gifts he has been given.


The Bird On Main Street

I've been strolling along these streets

Just for a change of scenery

Yet a deeper cause compels me now

That extraordinary bird for sale on Main Street

Who clipped your beautiful wings

And stifled your morning song

Who forged this steel prison The one you claim as your home

Such questions dance across my mind During our weekly encounters

Grateful for the occasional chirp and curious tilt of your head

I strive to make the most of our time together

Yet I'm aware of my lack of sufficient funds The means to set you free

Though my heart breaks and yearns for you

I acknowledge that your liberation, your destiny lies beyond me

Thus I leave you in the Owner's care Having a word with Him before I go

Astonished am I to find out

That long ago he unlocked the cage door

In order that you should fly freely, joyfully once again

So fly, fly you precious creature

May you soar to the highest heights

Basking in the sunlit sky

And I'll watch you from afar

Giving God the praise with grateful and admiring eyes

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