A Universal Vacation
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sabrinadonzelli Community member
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Inspired by last year’s trip to Orlando for Winter Break.

A Universal Vacation

The moving walkway exit is approaching These words usher me into a new land Where fun is the agenda and bliss is the plan

I step out onto the concrete ground

Letting the warm sunlight immerse me all around

Passing Toothsome's Chocolate Emporium and Hard Rock Cafe I decide how I’ll start the day

Islands of Adventure is the thrilling park

While the vintage beauty of Studios just sweeps me away

Each stride brings opportunity

To let my imagination run free

CityWalk is the final destination on my itinerary

Though I longed to dine at Toothsome's My dreams were put to rest I should’ve made a reservation Knowing that they’re the best

Not to fear I made my way to NBC's Sports Bar and Grille

Where the food is awesome And 80s music plays all night long The experience is truly a thrill

The drive back to the house was a time of reflection Reminding me that this was one day of many That characterized the adventure and delight

I experienced on a Universal Vacation

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