Why I cut..

sabrina9My life of 18 years here..
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Why I cut..

by sabrina9


It takes away the pain mentally, feels as though all the troubles disappear. You'd take anything sharp in sight to get the pain off your mind

Thinking to go deeper

Once you've done one you want more it itches. But this time you want to go a bit deeper, this time you feel the pain. Both mentally and physically but you crave it

The boold

Seeing the blood drip and flow down your arms hitting the floors. That's when you know it's gotten out of hand. But question why stay


Seeing the cuts after makes you worse. Seeing them brings back bad memories. Makes you want to cut again. It's a cycle you can't get rid of. It's a painful cycle that's sticks with you.

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A lot of people myself at one time self harm to feel something anything just to be alive i think letting go and taking part in life is a much happier way to go still a good price of work

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Keep posting Getting you brain and guts spread on paper help. Do you have a friend you can confide in? Talk to her, If not write to us every time you get the urge to cut. Great courageous poem/essay.!!!

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a year agoReply
:( noooo there are better ways to cope