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"What gives you that buzz in life? The one that keeps you alive?" "Oxgen."

something else

"What gives you that buzz in life? The one that keeps you alive?"


He stared at me and I stared back.I wasn't technically wrong. Until I thought again. About what gives me that "buzz" in life that he talks so fondly about.

I sigh knowing that I might as well tell a stranger rather than no one and said..

" I like the feeling of sneaking out late at night with my sister. I like shamelessly flirting with the hot cashier.I like the feeling of knowing that one day I'll be with my friends dancing in the streets of London while it's pouring rain. But we don't care. Because what will matter is that moment.

And yeah, we might catch a cold or water will seep into our shoes giving our socks that gross feeling. But, it will be worth it.It sounds stupid, but knowing that there's a time in my life where I can be free and careless and not give a single crap about what anyone thinks of me. That's what keeps me alive.You know what I mean?"

He simply nodded and stared right into my eyes. Unflinching. Accepting. Understanding.

And maybe we were strangers. But he knew what I meant more than anyone else. And that's when I understood how quickly you can change from strangers into something else.

Something weird.

But something more.

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