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Book one of "Moon Saga
"Alaric Greystone is Alpha to the Snow Moon Pack located in the wilderness of Northern Alaska. His pack was smaller than most with only 18 members, but it made protecting them easier. He was 27 years old never having a physical relationship with a women, most of the females in his pack already found their mates or left in search of them. He wants to end his loneliness, Alaric was beginning to think the Moon Goddess fated him to a life of loneliness, until Louisa showed up on his doorstep. Louisa is a Luna without a pack, walking the world alone searching for a mate she may never find. You see Louisa is unable to speak, she has been led to believe she has no wolf and no voice. She is making her way through the US into Alaska in efforts to find what is lost. Just as she was ready to give up she was swept of her feet by her mate, a stranger who scared and excited her.

Louisa's Search

Chapter 1: FATED My name is Louisa Jones, I am a 22-year-old nobody who is a part of the Gemini Pack. I was considered as the future Luna until our Alpha found his mate. This made me incredibly happy because I had no interest in him romantically. I am loyal to him as our pack Alpha and I will follow him anywhere but not into his bed. I digress, I am a 22-year Luna without her Alpha,

so people here do not take to me kindly. I am always made fun of, abused mentally and physically attacked. It is something I have learned to deal with, I avoid everyone at all costs rather than risk a fist colliding with my face or a harsh word thrown my way. I have dreams I would like to see become a reality.

I wish to move and travel without the binding of duty holding me in place where I cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror. But I need to ask their permission first. . Which is why I am sitting here in the hallway across from their office impatiently waiting. With every nasty glare, harsh word and kick that passes me,

it makes me want to run, to flee this place without their blessing but that would result in a hunting party dragging me back for punishment. It is already bad enough I cannot defend myself let alone speak out about it. I am mute, unable to form words to express myself, all I am able to do is make small noises of displeasure which is another reason

I am happy I am not the mate to our Alpha, he hated me for not being able to speak with him. “Louisa, can you please come join us?” my Luna asked in her musical voice, it made me wonder if that is how I would sound.

I smiled and nodded at her as I got up from the chair, grabbing my backpack. I walked in behind her shutting the door before taking the seat across from Alpha Rob who sat staring at me with discontent. Once I was seated, I smiled at them both and waited for whatever they had to say.

“You have asked us to release you from this pack?” Rob asked. I nodded and looked at him with a solemn face not wanting to upset him or my Luna. He took a deep breath looking up at her, she nodded and gave him a sweet smile before her eyes returned to me.

“We will grant you this Louisa, only because you have not given us any reason to doubt your loyalty. You never fought for your rightful position once my mate came into my life instead you welcomed her warmly and accepted her as your Luna. For that gift I gift you your freedom. But please stay safe in the outside world, if you need or want to come home, we will take you back with no questions asked.” Rob said with a softer expression.

I never knew that is how he felt, for the last 20 years I got another more hostile feel from him, not warm and kind. I nodded and smiled grateful for his response --- I am not about to kick a gift horse in its mouth.

“I have never been able to properly thank you Louisa, you made my transition here easier. By you not claiming your rightful position you allowed them to look at me as their Luna instead of a wolf from another pack. I thank you for your gift and here is a gift for you in return. This is a map that shows you all the packs and their perspective territories in the USA. I hope if you find yourself

lonely and unwilling to come home you go to one of the others and I pray to the goddess your mate is waiting for you.” She said smiling as she handed me the map.

I took it holding it with both hands as tears fell from my eyes, I made a motion asking for a pen and paper. Rob nodded handing me his pen and a scrap of paper. Thank you for being kind, thank you for being a good Alpha to our pack and Thank you for being the strong kind Luna this pack needed.

I wrote my message down quickly and slid it back towards them, they both read it taking each other’s hands before looking at me with a smile. “Be safe.” they both said in unison.

I gathered my things placing the map in my bag and walking out of the pack house, down the road to my freedom. I had been walking for about 45 minutes and it is the most freeing 45 minutes I have experienced in my lifetime. I spotted the auto shop I bought a truck from a few weeks back in preparation of my departure. I made my way

into the shop spotting Carl the owner, he has long salt and pepper hair that curled at the ends, his eyes were caramel brown and his skin weather and wrinkled. He smelt faintly of worn leather and tobacco.

“Louisa! I am so happy you made it, you could have texted, I would have picked you up.” he said as he walked around the counter. I smiled and nodded my head no. “Well if you say so, I have your truck ready and I took the liberty of filling it with gas, snacks and drinks.”

I smiled and gave him a big hug. We walked out of the shop towards my truck. It was older, single cab and not pretty to look at, but it was sturdy and reliable which is what I needed. I got in sliding my bag to the passenger side. Looking down at

Carl giving him a large grateful smile as he closed my door. I turned the key hearing the truck roar to life. I backed up and pulled out of the parking lot waving to Carl as I did. The road was calling to me, the sunset was begging me to follow her and the moon greeted me with warmness, I am free.

I had been driving for 3 hours when the long grass landscape turned into large oak trees with their bases covered in thick green moss and large fern plants covering the ground. I pulled off to the side of the road and pulled the map out. Opening it I looked for my old pack house following the road until I hit another packs territory. I saw it is the

Evergreen packs area. I needed to properly introduce myself to their Alpha and Luna to avoid any problems I might run into this evening while I camped out. After solidifying my route, I pulled back on to the road making my way there. It took another 30 minutes until I pulled into their parking way. I got out straitening my cloths and walked to the door. I knocked once then waited; a thin girl opened the door staring at me.

“Who are you and why are you here?” she asked with a short tone. I smiled and handed her the piece of paper I prepared earlier. Hello, I am Louisa Jonas, I wanted to introduce myself to the Alpha and Luna of your pack. So, I am able to ask for permission to stay on your land for the night, I am mute and cannot speak I do apologize for this set back.

The young lady looked at me and smiled. “Of course, please follow me, I am sorry for my earlier response, we don’t get strangers here often.” I smiled and nodded; I waved my hand at her in the gesture saying, ‘Don’t worry about it.' “If you could please sit here? Francis will be with you soon.”

I took a seat, looking around as I waited. The paintings on the walls depicted wars, large valleys flooded with wildflowers, and landscapes of large trees that touched the sky. They were all breathtaking, it seemed as if they were pulling at me begging to tell their story, begging for me to listen.

“Louisa?” My head snapped towards the deep voice. He was handsome, smaller than most men I had seen before. I stood smiling handing him a piece of paper as I walked in taking a seat across from his desk.

Hello Sir, I am Louisa Jonas. I wanted to come introduce myself you to and your Luna. I would like to ask permission to stay in your territory for the evening. I will be gone before the sun raises in the morning. He read the note rubbing his chin, He looked at me a few times before returning to the writing. “Can you speak at all?”

I shook my head no looking down. “That’s okay. My mate is not here now, but she would not mind you staying here for the night if you do not make any trouble. Did you have supper?”

I grabbed another piece of paper from my spiral notebook, I wrote down --- No Sir, but I can find a takeout place in town.

He took the note reading and nodding in agreement. “Very well, welcome to our land. If you need anything, please come find me or my second in command Alex.” I stood nodded, shaking his hand before I made my way out of his office, shutting the door behind me.

As I turned, I ran straight into an extremely hard exceptionally large chest. Hands gripped my waist making me wince as I craned my neck looking up into stone grey eyes. I gave him a ‘I’m so sorry.' look before stepping back.

He smiled and nodded moving around me and into the office I just left. ‘What an odd encounter.’ I thought to myself. Waving at the young girl who let me in as I made my exit. Walking back to the truck, getting in, and pulling out of their driveway making my way into town. I stopped at a Wendy’s grabbing a cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate shake and a large coke before

I made my way to the campground I spotted on my way into town. I pulled into a spot and grabbed my food setting it on the picnic table. I was about to take my first bite when someone tape my shoulder.

I dropped my burger jumping to see the large man I ran into earlier. He brought his hands up waving at me looking at me he handed me a paper. I took it opening it up to see his writing. I am sorry for startling you; my name is Alex. Francis said I would find you here and I wanted to introduce myself, I cannot speak please forgive me. Are you settling in all right?

My eyes grew wide as I looked back up at him. I grabbed a pen and paper from my truck jotting down a little note myself before handing it to him. It is okay, I scare easy. It is nice to meet you Alex I am Louisa. I am also unable to speak.

He looked up at me with a brilliant smile stretched across his boyish face. Placing the note down he approached me slowly and, placed a hand on either side of my face and closed his eyes to focus. I did not understand what he was doing until I heard his voice calling to me. “Can you hear me Louisa?”

My eyes shot open to see his stone-grey eyes looking back at me and a smile across his face. I took a step back not understanding what was going on, I started to panic, my breathing becoming rapid. “Yes, but how?” I asked.

“Shh, it’s okay Louisa, I just linked our minds so we could hear each other speak. It is hard to do with people who aren’t like us, but it is easier for you and I.” “How?”

“It’s something my father taught me; I am not really sure how it works. You just have relaxed and call to another sometimes it does nothing, actually this is my first time it worked.” I could hear him laugh. “Why are you here?”

“I just wanted to apologize for the hallway this afternoon.” I could not stop looking at him, this is the first time I have ever spoke to someone before it was magical. “Do you mind if I eat?” “No, your fine.”

I began eating and I looked up at him watching me. I offered him fries and some of my chocolate shake.

“Thank you, Louisa. How long will you be here?” “I am just passing through.” “That’s a shame I don’t know how far the connection goes and I have enjoyed talking to someone.” “I have a cell we can still talk and stay in contact.”

“I would really like that; I don’t have many friends here.” He said as he handed me his phone. I took it typed in my phone number and name handing it back to him, he sent a text to me before standing up. “I must be going; I hope you come back to visit.” he smiled before turning and running back in the direction of the pack house.

I finished my dinner before going to the bed of my truck where I made myself a temporary bed, I enjoyed looking towards the stars, but it was lonely, I wanted someone to share this with. I want to find my own promise land, but It gets harder to stand alone. Have you ever felt so alone that

you would give any part of yourself to find someone who you could give all of yourself to? I wish I could give all that I am to one man to stop the feeling of knives in my heart.

I want to hold the weight of his world, to be his everything mind, body, and soul. But sadly, I do not think that is in the cards for me. A mute, a Luna without a pack an outcast in all ways possible. I wish I were enough for someone. I lay there watching stars flying across the clean night sky, the moon staring down at me calming me, lulling me into a peaceful sleep.

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