A Raven's Blood
A Raven's Blood scary stories

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This is a horror story I wrote when I was 11 and remastered a year ago.

A Raven's Blood

Tick. A cold chill went down her spine, making her shiver as if she was being watched . It was blurry and splotchy, with her memories being distant. Your name is Jade.

Can’t you remember sweetie? A sweet but cold tune said through her mind. The voice sounded soft and luring but also deathly and malignant.

Jade shot up in shock, being paralyzed by fear and confusion. She breathed in and out slowly, trying to relieve herself but it was useless.

She took in her surroundings, realizing what sinister accident happened around her.

If it was even an accident… Mangled bodies laid everywhere around her, with vicious stab wounds and parts of bodies everywhere. Jade stood, shocked with what she just witnessed.

She stumbled backward, stepping on a part of a body then sprinted off, trying to escape her own self.

Tock. She fell to the ground being stopped by an unknown force. A cold darkness slowly seeped into her body as she laid on the ground being unable to move.

She tried to scream, struggle, and run away but she couldn’t. A cold song like a nursery rhyme played softly as the wind blew, making Jade’s emotions become a flurry of chaos.

She kept trying to resist but she was held down by the darkness of nightmares and hell. But why would you resist such a sweet, and loving tune? Don’t you just enjoy it? What you did.

The voice said to her again.

“Get out, get out! I don’t want to live in this kind of fear and monstrosity,” Jade screamed in her mind.

She saw a black bird with sleek feathers, standing on a dead tree branch looking over the barren plain. No.

Screech. Once again, Jade woke slowly with energy filling her body. “Is it over?” She thought. Never. The same voice screeched through her mind, shaking up everything in her head.  Fight.

Persist. Win. Lose. Die. Revive. Realize. Kill. Repent. A dark voice said in her head. Jade realized what was going on. The ground beneath her was rocky and cold.

She was on a side of a mountain nearly half way up it. Her leg was bleeding and she had fresh wounds on her face. She looked up the mountain seeing to the very top.

At the top was a statue of a raven with a blue crystal orb that was captivating. The crystal had an aura that was strong that lured her closer to it. She wanted it, and she wanted it bad.

Greed and lust for it overcame her. She would not stop till she got it. She climbed up the tall rough mountain, falling constantly from her wounds that continued to slow her down.

But that wouldn’t stop her, nothing would. The dark sins such as greed, envy, and lust that humans have can grow to be strong, and some can’t even fight it.

After climbing for several hours she nearly reached the stone, and her limit too. Don’t touch that stone. Be obedient, don’t touch that stone, sweetie.

Jade just ignored the voice even though it haunted her deep inside. She climbed slowly just taking the lasts couple steps till she got right by it. No.

A black sleek bird, a raven, that looked like a guardian swooped down while screeching to attack Jade. Jade threw a rock at it trying to immobilize the pursuer.

The raven stopped mid-air and its eyes started bleeding. It screeched thousands of words from different languages chanting dark words that who knows meant what.

The raven then disappeared, and everything joined together.

    Tick. Tock. Screech. Writhe. 

Jade woke up slowly with her arms and legs strapped down with steel cuffs to a bed. A bright light hung over her body as her pain tormented her.

The walls were padded and stained with blood as if she wasn’t the first one who has been here. Shelves with jars of teeth, eyeballs, and blood lined the walls creepily.

Different clothes that looked like they were made of various skins of humans hung on metal hooks beside her. A rustling sound came from the dark side of the room.

Whatever was over there constantly was whispering things.

“It truly is such a shame that you have to come to this. Oh well, alas it all comes to an end,” The same voice from earlier said with a scratchy voice.

A figure appeared out of the darkness rolling a cart with various tools that were stained with blood on it.         The figure which looked like a pale and green skeleton smiled at Jade.

Bones were jutting out of the skin and warts and scars covered the figure. The face was the worst thing you could imagine.

This creature looked like a concoction of nightmares and dead people combined into one horrible mess. The eyes were dark but multicolored.

Their deep emptiness that caused fear to seep into Jade’s heart could traumatize anybody.

    The creature picked up a heavy blade and slammed it down into her shoulder cutting off her arm. Jade screamed in pain as her body started bleed horribly everywhere.

“Why must the un-pure be so loud? Always screaming or crying or talking. It hurts my ears,” The creature screeched in anger.

The monster picked up the knife and slashed at her face and her body in anger.

“ You are the unpure! You shall pay for committing sins again me!” The psychotic being screamed as if it were a god. Then the devil like figure brought up the knife aiming at Jade’s heart.

The creature slammed it down, but right before it pierced the skin time froze suddenly as the bleeding raven from earlier attacked the creature. The raven then bursted into light causing a new.

Jade woke up, with her arm missing but no longer bleeding, and most other wounds healed. She looked around seeing the area one last time.

The world was in ruins, and towns were crippled and most foliage was dead, but some survived. The cold wind whispered death across the plain. Jade felt empty inside, but she felt safer.

She felt even more scared, though. Who would know what darkness laid out in this new world, and who caused it? There had to be more alive.

She stood up and walked over along a nearby running creek. “This is why,” She said looking down at the creek. “This is why for everything, and its all my fault,” She whispered softly to herself.

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