What Love Truly Is (A Poem)
What Love Truly Is (A Poem) love stories

s0ulsav3r A creative soul wanting himself back.
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What is love you may ask? Well, maybe this poem I wrote back in Jan. 19, 2020 on paper will take you one step closer to the answer.

What Love Truly Is (A Poem)

A mysterious force unexplained even now.

One you can't simply read up on to fully grasp it.

Continuing on even when our time on this plane comes to an end.

Only four letters long, so easy to type or write out.

The deepest of meanings that no dictionary, book or other scholarly work can give in simple words.

Yet mysteriously, it is so easily misunderstood by all who look to find it.

Seen when two lovers cling one another after a long search has passed...

When longing to be loved by another soul must come after finding the inner strength to love the person we really are inside...

When young love ignites into fierce, burning passion that never ends until death does part them...

Seen when a deep bond between a man and his wife continues on with the next generation from the union of bodies, minds and souls...

Yet not transcending all right and wrong twists on the path, to not be afraid of making mistakes on finding the purpose of it all.

As delicate as the prettiest rose this force is...

Yet like the thorns, it inflicts pain at seemingly both right and wrong times.

To comprehend these inner workings we all wish and ponder...

Great it is when we found the meaning of it all for us!

And bitter it is when those we have loved dearly come to pass onward, only for us to realize this force that was in them lives on inside us...

It is by this way this great force is called that name...

And by this our Creator embodies...

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