Suck. Me. Dry.
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s0me0ne Wordplay. Horseplay. Foreplay.
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Beware! Emotional vampires will come knocking.

Suck. Me. Dry.

Who the fuck would invite a vampire into their home?

Um, yep, that would be me.

I am a giver

With a weakness for those who aren't

Somehow these emotional vampires can smell my weakness

And they knock on my door.

Just ignore them. Turn them away. You're safe if you don't invite them in.

I invite them in.

I cock my head. Reveal my neck.

And close my eyes as they sink in their teeth. And suck.

Me. Dry

I don't fight. Far from it.

I give more and more of myself. I find their insatiability, insatiable. Take satisfaction in their satisfaction. Quench my appetite with their appetite for what they can take from me.

I let them feed. I give. They take. I provide.

I have value.

Finally, satiated, my vampire lets me slump to the floor. They tell me how fortunate I am to be chosen. Even chide me for not giving as much as I gave last time.

However, they promise to return if next time, I can just give a little more.

I lay prone on the floor. Head resting upon a limp, straightened arm. Completely empty.

Emotionally drained. Psychologically scarred. Sexually frustrated.

I am nothing.

So I wait. Sleep. Replenish. And I hope.

For my vampire to soon return. And knock once more.

So again, I might have value.

Fangs for reading. And.. FOLLOW IF YOU DARE I promise I won't bite (maybe) ;-)

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