Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter two
Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter two nsfw stories
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ryuji Wish I could turn back time, I miss you~
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Prisoner 0301-1. The girl who's already dead inside. She keeps fighting...for what? Why is she still hanging on? Read to share her struggles as she is forced to live through the unholy 0301 classification.

Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter two

A/N: Sorry for the late post...I’m going to bed in a few hours so I decided to get y’all the next chapter. Warning!! This one will contain self harm, rape, suicidal thoughts, and depression.

Let’s get it. But seriously. This one is gonna be really bad. Especially with sexual themes and rape.

I’m in the middle of a really deep cut on my forearm and I wince in pain as blood droplets show. I hear someone coming and quickly hide the knife. Enforcer 2232 burst in and walks up to me. “Rise and shine, slut,” he growled. I whimpered.

“P-please...d-don’t touch me...” tears fell to the ground mixing with the small pool of blood. He smirked. “Oh no, oh-three-oh-one-one,” he purred. “The boys are extra horny for you today...” A shaky moan escaped my throat. “F-fine...”

He walked over and grabbed my arm, forcing me up, his strong grip aggravating my cuts. I since silently. He lead me along the cement hallways and I passed several other cells of women and girls just like me. Rape and abuse victims. The Spider most likely watching from security cameras. Bitch.

The man interrupted me from my thoughts and chucked me into a room with four tall, muscular men. Two with black hair, one with brown, and one with blond. One of the brown haired men had a scar. He smirked. “This our little slut for today?” I was on all fours on the ground, my hair draping to the hard cement floor.

The men stripped out of their work gear and their huge ducks flew out from their boxers. I whimpered softly at the sight. Black-hair was the first to yank me from the floor and shove his huge cock into my mouth. I gagged, my hair in a mess. The brown-hairs

I gagged as Black-hair shoved his dick to the back of my throat causing me to release more saliva on his dick. After nearly an hour of me pleasuring these three men, all three of them released. I choked down the cum and gasped for air. The blond one shook his head and looked away. Black-hair and the scarred Brown-hair looked at him. “What’s wrong with you, huh?”

“Can’t you see she doesn’t like it?” He shot back. I spit the cum I didn’t swallow out onto the floor and try to brush of the Brown-hairs' off my worn-down hoodie. Black walked up to Blond and got nearly nose to nose with him. “She’s a slave, Rey,” Black spat.

“Fine,” Rey spat. Black signaled for browns to leave with him. Rey then ran up to me. “Are you okay??” He asked, feeling me. I moaned softly, my face bloody from being thrown on the cement. “I t-think s-so,” I whisper. He suddenly grabs a pebble and chucks it at the surveillance camera. “Listen to me. I can get you out of here if you exactly as I say.”

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