Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter three
Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter three sad stories

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Prisoner 0301-1. The girl who's already dead inside. She keeps fighting...for what? Why is she still hanging on? Read to share her struggles as she is forced to live through the unholy 0301 classification.

Prisoner 0301-1 - Chapter three

A/N: Hey guys!! Happy thanksgiving! Well, I’m bored,’s the long-awaited 0301-1 part 3!!! Enjoy, like, and share <3

“If you do exactly as I say, I can get you out of here.” The boy called Ray's features was the only color in the gray room as he looked down at me with pity. My dark blue hair was draped on the floor as I was on all fours. I was in shock. It’’s not possible to escape this place. No one's done it, anyone who tries is killed instantly...

“W-what?” I managed, barely a hoarse whisper. He reached out a hand to me. “I want to help you,” he whispered back. “’s n-not possible...” I shivered at the thought of how much trouble I’m already in. His blue eyes seem to sparkle. “Anything is possible.” I took his hand weakly and he helped me up. “During free time, look out your window.” With that he leaves.

Could it be possible? Could I get out of this hellhole? I looked around, walking to the next room full of perverted men. Concrete. Nothing. The only way in or out is the enforcer wing...but...of course! Ray is an enforcer, he can get us through!! Now that I think about it...he’s kinda cute. I suppress a giggle and walk to the next room.

I walked into the next room. This time there’s only one man. He has black hair and looks...tired. He looked at me then back down. I raised my eyebrow. Hm. “You’re a cute one,” he says. I ignored him and began to strip off my prisoner clothes. He gets up and slaps me. Hard. “Respond when I talk to you.”

I winced as his cold hard hand smacked me. “Y-yessir,” I blurted. He smiled. “Daddy will do.” I turned deep red. Wha- daddy? The fuck?? “Y-yes...daddy,” I added, turning as red as the blood on my face from his slap. “Good. Strip me,” he drawled. I paused. None of them “requested” me to strip them before...

“Now,” he growled. I nodded slowly, then pushed my shoulder-length hair behind my ear and slowly tugged off his work pants, getting on my knees. There was a huge lump on his boxers. I looked up at him, and he grinned, his eyes sparkling. “I want you to suck first,” he said, peeling off his boxers for me. His huge cock surprised me and whacked me in the face. He laughed.

Tears streamed down my face at his cruel laughter. “Suck, now,” he growled. More tears fell down my face as I ran my tongue down the side of his shaft, then I took him in fully, sliding my head up and down. My vision blurred as I slowly ran out of air, choking on his erection. I sucked harder and bobbed my head rougher, despite the fact I was losing consciousness.

I began to see starts, then everything went black.


Violet, baby...time to wake up...

Violet, baby...I need you to wake up... Breakfast is ready...

“Mama...I wanna sleep more...” the little girl called Violet whined, then rolled over, falling back to sleep, snoring. The motherly woman laughed. “Violet, I made pancakes...” Violet sprung out of bed and sprinted down to the table.

“I love you, Violet...” The motherly woman smiled.

“I will always love you...”


I gasped and woke up. “Mama!!” The man was sitting there, a frown on his face. Oh...oh shit...he could report me...and I could be, no no no... “You stopped.” He glared. “I’m...I’m sorry!!”

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