-Blood Moon's Wolf-
-Blood Moon's Wolf- romance stories

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A short poem about the wolf's unrequited love towards the moon.

To those who feel like they're in Romeo and Juliet's situation, this poem is for you. I hope you'll like it.

(A/N: that is my facebook account)

Dedicated to my lover. . .
Published since January 31, 2018; the day where the super blue blood moon occured

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-Blood Moon's Wolf-

Look up the sky above, where stars are faded for it is a bizarre cold night, I must say.

'Tis a lone wolf walking in a serenade of black sands, caressing the mild bay.

Behold, the mother of pearl emerging from the dark pools of a midnight blue ocean.

Seeping its moonlight to her white fur, yearning to reach out both of their devotion.

The beast of snow sits up and howls like a prick of a needle, it silently yowls.

Watch it bleed and stain the frosty-coal. The moon is turning red to prove its beau.

See the love they shared flow through their hearts, see her cry to him for their love's forbidden.

The wolf in its milky fur silently remorse to the bloody moon, for her emotions can't be hidden.

Still, he will never stop accepting her flame even if he had to endure the pain.

They still want each other like raven and dove. But the night time sky has seen the end of their love.

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