Room scary stories
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ryleecat Love to write, poetry is my fav. ; )
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by ryleecat

Once, I lived in a room.

And I had lived in that room for a very long time.

Twelve years.

Room was my friend. My only friend.

Room was also my family. My only family.

Back then, I thought it was only Room and me.

Oh, and there was a man.

He only came on Sundays to give me food for the week.

But that was all. He told me there was nothing besides Room.

There was a t.v in Room, and books too.

Once, when I was watching t.v, I saw a girl just like me.

"MISSING GIRL," it said.

I asked the man, and he said the t.v just showed me stories.

That the book's stories were all made up too.

That I was the only real thing in Room.

So life went on for me, everything fake in my world.

For a long long time I believed the man.

But then one day, I just didn't believe him any more.

I thought,

"How could there be nothing besides Room, if there is Man?"

So I told the man that I didn't believe him,

And he hurt me.

So I didn't say anything about it again.

But I thought about the real world quite a bit.

I realized that the t.v was probably telling real stories.

The books too.

And I really wanted to see the dragons and princes

I'd read about.

So one day, when Man came in, I ran out the door to Room

real fast.

I ran




There were no dragons.

THere were no princes. But there were people like me.

And they helped me get home. Or well, to a another Room.

But this Room had many people in blue suits,

And those people brought me to another Room.

there was another girl there, like me, but much older.

She said she was my mom.

Mom took care of me.

She didn't lock me in a Room like Man did.

But I heard that Man had to get locked up in a Room.

Poor Man.

But now I'm with Mom.

She said that Man wasn't nice, that he stole me.

So now I'm with mom, not man, and mom always tells me,

"It's ok now Baby, you're free."

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