It's easier to breathe underwater
It's easier to breathe underwater scary stories

ryleecat Love to write, poetry is my fav. ; )
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It's easier to breathe underwater

by ryleecat

I stood in the middle of a river,

Barely afloat,

Looking between the two men-

Dark and mysterious,

Or calm and gentle.

And one reached his hand out from the side of the river,

While on the other side, a man offered a gun.

"I would love you forever," one said.

"He doesn't deserve you,

take this weapon and blow out his brains," the other yelled.

I stared at them both:

Innocent and loving

Or dark and brooding

I was not searching for love,

It be too far off for me;

Yet I was not a murderer.

I was so scared,

And the tension was suffocating me-

So instead I plunged my head under

the cold river water,

Finding it easier to breathe in the

Dirty water and bubbles

Than make the choice.

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