"Depression isn't real," She said.
"Depression isn't real," She said. stories

ryleecatLove to write, poetry is my fav. ; )
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"Depression isn't real," She said.

by ryleecat

I told my mum about my illness, the reason for my brokenness And why my heart rests in stillness.

She said, "My Baby girl, don't be a faker. Depression isn't real." then she walked away. When I finally get enough courage to cut my skin, I'm scared I'm gonna break her.

I told my friend about my hurt. She said: "This is where we part, your such an attention-seeker. Let's bid goodbye Sweetheart."

I told my lover about my numbness. They said, "I can't stand to see you burnt, but Hun it just ain't real. I hope this is a lesson learnt."

I told the voices in my head, "Look guys, they don't believe us. We're not ever gonna get help, all we done is cause a big fuss."

They told me sadly, "Oh Girl, now don't give up. You may be one hell of a sad girl, but we'll make them understand. You know we're always your back-up."

The voices taught me how to help people understand me. "There is no other way" they said to me, so I cut my wrists. Now I may be a ghost of a girl but I haunted them all till they got me...

My depression was real now, you see?

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