Oh how I wish I was alone
Oh how I wish I was alone poetry stories

ryah328 Just a strange dude
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Just something I scribbled quickly in my notebook last night when I was upset and listening to The Wall.

Oh how I wish I was alone

except no I don't,

but that's what I tell myself

as to not go crazy at home

a limerick inside my head

a quick rhyme to keep me right

to sit back down and not to fight

for fear I may enjoy it.

Why would a princess ever

fall for a peasant boy

and have it work out,

it's my fault for my own blindness

and to think I hoped for something more

but I forgot it was me we were talking about

so why would that ever happen

because apparently my heart

holds the same intrinsic value as a squeaky toy

which a dog will just occasionally pick up

but only to drop it for one more entertaining.

Why does it seem that the prettiest days

are the ones that are hardest to enjoy,

yet it only rains on days that I'm smiling

as if to keep my eyes damp in my stead.

And why is the carpet always yanked from under my feet,

instead of just being rolled up when I arrive?

This recurring predicament exists to tease

at the unending of my curse.

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