The dog who Waited too long
The dog who Waited too long dogs stories

ryaaa3 ~Aesthetic~
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The story of Hachiko

The dog who Waited too long

Curled up, shaking,waiting

Lay a husky amongst the paper white snow.

Beside the train track, hugged by the cold air

Lay a faithful dog who had waited too long.

Just how many trains must pass?

How many men must step foot outside the train?

How long must she wait before he arrives?

Was it fate who parted them,

Or was it just another page of her book?

How long did she wait?

Till summer went by,

Till the Autumn leaves kissed the ground,

Till spring awakened,

And till the snowflakes slowly made their way to the ground.

After her awaiting,

The day to reunite.

But little did she know that when the parallel lines meet

Would be the end of her book.

Finally, hearing the words of his return,

Feeling the warmth of his patting hands,

Tears rolled down her beautiful blue dead eyes.

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