The Demon That Resides In Me
The Demon That Resides In Me dark stories

ryaaa3 ~Aesthetic~
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The child It buried; my life it repainted.

The Demon That Resides In Me

"Everyone has a demon in them"

When I was a child I didn't understand this.

For when I was a child, all I experienced was bliss and delight.

For when I was a child. I had yet to unfold.

Now as I have grown, the child I was is no more.

She has been buried for years now, It buried her.

It digged deep through the Earth and slowly, It lay her coffin.

Buried deep inside, It has her perfectly hidden.

For still, no one has noticed; no one has realized she faded away.

Oh how It repainted my life.

Today, this life I live, I don't; It does.

For in her absence, all my actions are scripts It wrote.

As I lay here in It's mansion,

Sometimes, I hear her voice crying; begging me to rescue her.

I want to, but I can't.

For I can never leave this mansion.

For It has me captured for eternity.

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