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Filmmaking 101

by rwwawokzynczyk

Don't Ask For Permission

You don't need a $50,000 film school degree. You don't need a California agent. You don't need a Hollywood producer. The only person you need to green light your project, is you.

Story Is Key

A director without a script is just a director. A producer without a script is no one. Without a script there is no movie to film. Without a story, there is no industry. Your story is everything.

Know Your Shit

If being a good writer means reading, then to be a good filmmaker one must watch movies. All movies, from cheesy B-rated to Oscar nominated. Every movie you watch has something to teach you.

Pick Up A Camera

Go buy a cheap camera. Push record. Shoot everything, from every angle, in every lighting condition. Shoot your friends & family, put them in a story. Edit it together. Now you're a director.

"Work Hard And Be Scary"

"Enough schooling. Get your ass out there and make a movie...get on with it and call me when you're done. You make the movie, I'll bring the popcorn...Work hard and be scary" -Robert Rodriguez

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