Still have a long way to go
Still have a long way to go  weak stories

rwinabhJust spilling ink to drain myself
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I wonder if I’ll ever see them and not flinch.

Still have a long way to go

Even though I know it’s not them

Even though I’m certain

My wounds can’t help but reopen

The wounds that i thought had healed look like they’re just a day old

The pain that i thought had subsided never felt this strong

The memories i thought got buried never seemed more vivid

As it appears my heart has yet to move on and my tears have yet to dry

Just for seeing two strangers who looked slightly like them felt like a dagger stab right to my heart, another to my eye

Here it was made clear

This heart of mine

Still young and foolish

Has a long way ahead for it to toughen up and really grow

It has been acting way too slow

Therefore I leave it to lead the way to healing by itself

It knows better what lies ahead

It knows it’s a path paved with thorns that’ll graze it with immortal scars

A path with knives wielded by dears that’ll hurt greater than the finest swords

A path i know is filled with peril Yet a path it knows it must walk...

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