"you're making it something's it not" and other lies i've been told
"you're making it something's it not" and other lies i've been told can i die stories

russetsong break my heart? i'll break your bones.
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not for the sensitive ppl like me
lol read it if you want ok but it's mainly for ppl who share an opinion like tipsie does

"you're making it something's it not" and other lies i've been told

haha, well well well. i was just casually checking the comments on one of tipsie's posts. Why can't i? I'm not stalking them tho, haha.

Welp, i'm not making PAW Patrol something its not. I can write fanfiction, ok? And my OC art? Fanmade character, big deal? Ever heard of PAW Patrol R34? If you have seen it, well i 'm sorry.

Haven't? Well, good. Neither have i but it exists. I'm not doing that. You know that PAW Patrol incest exists too, right? I'm not doing that either.

Pre-teens can like kid shows. ANYONE can like kid shows. As long as they aren't harming you, it's good.

Trying to be reasonable, if I get all ticked off it's because I'm going through a lot, got it? You do? Okay.

Is there a problem? I can tell you think so. Oh, you think I got too mad, right? Yeh, I've done that a lot. It sucks I'm 12 and getting hate from someone who is prob like 10 years older than me.

I won't assume though. I get mad easily because, i'm short tempered, if that's a simple way to say it. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm not gonna let you ruin it by the way.

I'll draw fanart if I want? Got that? You do? Great. We might be able to get along well, yk.

Hmm, am I making fetishes out of kid shows? No. You got the wrong person. You think you're funny, don't ya? It doesn't matter, I'm getting mad again. Let me control my feelings now, ok?

Okay, I might be able to say in a calm way: I'm not making fetish art. You mean the multiple artists on Deviantart? So, beat it pal.

What'd you say, buddy? I heard you say something. Oh! "Just like how furries s3xual8ze animals!" Oh, not all of them do. What aproblem, I'm a furry. I make fanart. I'm part of too many fandoms.

Okay, and?

i'm not harming you. You're just toxic, tipsie. I

Want me to delete my account?

I will.

Want me to stop making posts about my fandoms?


Want me to stop LIKING those shows/books?

No, pal. Stop right there.

I won't. So, break my self-esteem some more if you'd like. Threaten me. I won't stop. It's just fanart. See:

Oh, yeah. Only bleach your eyes if you need to. It's so bad, though. My art. Wow, it's very offensive, right?

Sarcasm. I'm good at it. You're good at ticking me off. Like everyone else is. Now, i'm gonna go retire life now. Cya.

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