This is my school
This is my school stories

russetsong break my heart? i'll break your bones.
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This is my school

Basically I get dragged out of bed because I stayed up all night

And i get on the bus to see cheyenne who wants to throw lotion around the bus

Then i get to school and my friend Gracie is talking about her 70th boyfriend she has gotten since the summer and my friend lily is sending weird memes to my phone that i always leave at home 0_0

Then i go to spanish and watch some girl from Spain try to kill herself and get run over by a bull, then try worshipping dead ppl

Then the spanish teacher throws us out and we go to heck...i mean p.e.

Then i get killed with my friend Bella and Lucy (lucy is the one who sits beside me in spanish) and we either play a game of ducm duck goose or get killed in stupid kickball

Then i go to ela and some kid named gage is being annoying and lynox is yapping about his imaginary friend named easton

then i go to social studies and i sit with the quiet kid and anither gage which we call justin bc he looks like j bieber so another kid i call alexander the second is patting me on the head so i beat everyone up and go to math

then we have lunch and the first gage i mentioned likes the vending machine and um anyway then i go to my favorite class and i get on the bus again and then i get home and freaking die bc i have to stay home alone with the turkeys outside forever.

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