Running Away
Running Away stories

ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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A Poem about meeting someone who you want to walk and share a Spiritual Path with and forgetting about the things that held us back.

Running Away

As I Observe my surroundings I realise the Danger,

I realise how my old life is staring back at me, with the eyes of a stranger.

Trying to tempt me with the feelings of Yesterday,

The Anger, The Lusts, The Sadness trying to keep me at Bay.

I am scared of the feelings and don't want to look at them anymore,

At Times like these I feel like I just want to lay on the Floor.

When I feel a gentle hand touch my face,

Asking me if I want to get out of this place.

We smile at each other, forgetting about our pasts,

Realising that we're gonna have to get out of there fast.

We Run and Run, Hand in Hand,

We Run so fast we can barely Stand.

We stare at the the pouring Rain,

As we Forget about yesterday's Pain.

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