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ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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I saw my Best Friend dance at a competition for the first time. It was an amazing experience, and it was so great to see her smile the way she did.


She moves around, her body changing its Pace,

A look of pure focus on her gorgeous Face.

Her graceful moves complimented by her beautiful Smile,

Everyone stared and cheered, taken aback by her ravishing Style.

Her heavenly eyes sometimes met Mine,

It felt like her intense gaze could stop Time.

Her lips parted ever so slightly, revealing yet another captivating Smile.

The way her legs moved, precise and planned, her talent could be seen from a Mile.

But what stood out most was the dazzling happiness on her Face,

It was the only thing that could ever make my heart Race.

She's a Dancer in a cruel world,

And She experienced pain she never Deserved.

But instead of fighting back, she Twirled,

Instead of hurting, she Served.

Her Smile filling the room with Happiness.

A Happiness only She could bring.

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