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By Annie


She was delicately sitting at the corner of the room reading one of my favourite books. What a curious creature she was. The way her eyes rolled over the pages was amusing.

She looked up, while flipping the page, and our eyes met. Time suddenly felt like a distant memory. I slowly walked towards her and sat by her side. Our eyes kept locked up in each other.

"It's pretty impressive how this book continues to amaze me every single time I read it." -she said, while closing the book.

That sentence brought me a familiar feeling. Words slipped from our mouths like drops of rain on a cosy winter afternoon. Without a notice, someone opens the room's door:

"Mr. Joe, it's medicine time. What are you doing sitting on the corner of the room again?" - the doctor said while entering the room.

I stared at him and looked back at her. She had disappeared... Why do they always have to fuck up the moments I have with my visitors?

I wonder who's coming tomorrow...

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