Tristan and Hazel
Tristan and Hazel harry potter stories

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“No one is taking his foot off this gate, I have said my word no questions!”

Tristan and Hazel

I was woken up by harmonious birdsongs that rocked in my ears; the sun had just been born. I jumped out my blankets and wobbled like a centenarian to the window. I drew the maroon curtains.

The sun began kissing my face as it was just been born, birds were dancing to their harmonious bird songs that rocked in my ears.

The trees were clapping and nodding their heads to the sweet songs and cheering to the birds.

I jumped out of my warm bed and went to take a delightful warm bath.

After the tasty bath, I walked to the closet and took my party clothes; it was a blue jean and a white shirt since the party code was blue and white.

I was leaving for my bosom friend's birthday party; I was going to meet my one and only girl that got a perfect spot in my heart.

On my attempt of varnishing from the apology of a bungalow, I was suddenly interrupted with a rumbling voice from the sitting room sitting room. "Where is everyone!!" it was my father.

Everyone jumped out of their rooms and trotted to the sitting room, we all knew this was important because he has never done this before.

"No one is taking his foot off this gate, I have said my word no questions!

" Everybody's jaws dropped to the floor, since we were just brooding on how we were going to spend this beautiful last Saturday of the month.

My beautiful day was shuttered to a halt, since we had built castles in the air.

Spending the last beautiful Saturday, but now it's a dreadful one. This was the most evil nightmare I ever had in my life.

I was left in this apology of a bungalow with no any sort of entertainment, but with my ear hating from the aggravating siblings. I went outside to refresh my mind from the torture I was in.

As I rested my head on the dazzling green grass to catch a glimpse of clear blue sky and its birds that seemed that they were on a dance and sing contest on its surface.

A dream began creeping on my mind like a chameleon walking across the road.

I then fell into a dream; the sun was sparkling, shining on our faces, colouring our faces with a chocolate brown colour.

Their faces were adorable, but I saw the beauty of my hazel in her eyes that reflected her beauty. She is a head turning beautiful young lady.

Getting a feel of those succulent, juicy lips and living my tongue to dance in her mouth. That was always been my dream. There she was my one and only girl, that I cannot stop thinking of.

She as drop dead as a goddess as her name says, Hazel. She has curly, black hair that falls down her face like a waterfall and encompassed her face.

"Tristan, Where are you? They you are, I have been looking for you," said someone behind me with sweet voice. Turning my head to see who it was my lips brushed with my best friend Lucy's lips.

Tristan: What is it Lucy, that you can't wait to tell me.

Lucy: You know what.

Tristan: yes

Lucy: now I have your answer, about what you asked me to ask hazel about.

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