Further away but closer than ever

rsquarepowerCommunity member
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Further away but closer than ever

by Hazel x

Do you hate me for not taking the first step?

For not seeking out to you?

For throwing away what our hearts were craving?

For taking a pass on our love story?

Do you have any regrets?

Because I do.

Do you hate me for not having the guts when faith knocked on

our door? Because I do.

What's the point of waiting for a sign if you don't jump on

it when it comes by?

Eyes closed, face up, floating onto the surface

No one can tell the water apart from my salty tears.

Until the current takes them away with me.

Until next time my love.

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rsquarepowerCommunity member
4 months ago
Escape route
I'll always look for an escape.

rsquarepowerCommunity member
5 months ago
Inside those salty tears
Do you believe in fallen angels?

rsquarepowerCommunity member
4 months ago
But now I have none of you

kerryjohnstoneGifted WriterQueer poet with a lot on their mind
4 months agoReply
When i read this i recognised it, like i've been there and had those feelings. this was so beautiful.

4 months agoReply
Unfortunately the current can never fully wash away the salty residue left behind in the corners of a soul but it isn't the first peice of your heart that has been lost to love and you will give away many more prices before your heart finally settles on the one you will finally call home A nice poem