Chapter 2: Henley (part 2)
Chapter 2: Henley (part 2) thriller stories

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Chapter 2 (part 2)

By: Fastpitch13

Chapter 2: Henley (part 2)

by Fastpitch13

I watch her as she slowly opens her eyes a small smile on her face as she watches me cross the room to lean against the wall.

“How are you feeling?”

“Could have brought me dinner before poking me, you know hard sedatives are third date material.” She replied with a slur.

I nod and smile lightly, “You’re right, although taking out all of those nice men in intake kind of changed your course for the afternoon.

They were just trying to do their job and weren’t trying to hurt you.”

Her demeanor instantly changes as she replies, “ They had on masks, I don’t trust people in masks.” She closes her eyes as if trying to shut out the thought.

I can only nod in quasi understanding, “I saw that in your file, that was a mistake on our part and I apologize for that overnight.

” I have to shift slightly as my tense muscles start to lock up. “Would you like to tell me what it is about masks that set you off?”

Without missing a beat she replies, “No, would you like to talk about your favorite sexual position?”

I knew to expect this, I knew she was going to be a hard egg to crack but when you’re face to face with it it is always very different.

I knew I had to be patient and allow for these types of outbursts if we were going to get anywhere so I changed my tactic.

“Um, nope. That too is 3rd date material. You’re going to have to wait if you want that information.”

She didn’t bite, not even so much as a flicker of facial expressions, “Well what else you got for shrink material?”

All I can do is shrug, “Well our official sessions don’t start until tomorrow. I just wanted to introduce myself and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible for now.

I’m not here to shrink you Seven, at least not yet.”

She leans up as far as her restraints will allow and replies, “Will you be rough like Mommy? Or maybe gentle like Daddy? Or maybe like Mommy’s boyfriends?

“ She smiles searching my face for something, “Hmm, good poker face huh? Well what do you tell your kid when you have friends come over for a visit?”

I can’t help it, I jolted and had to blink to try to hide the shock I am feeling. I know there is no way she can know about my son.

She had no idea that I would be her therapist, and as such there is no way she could possibly know anything about me. “Well we can certainly talk about your parents if you’d like.

This is all about your well being, not mine. “ I exhale slowly hoping that I’m not giving anything away.

“You know my parents are sleeping with the devil,” she replies with a smirk.

“I’m sure at some point you would have thought that growing up the way you did.

” The information I had about her childhood was thready if anything so I had to dig just a little; I looked at her and raised my eyebrows in question.

“Yup, massive beelzebub type orgies” She glances around the room and wrinkles her nose, “What, was the crack house down the street too fancy?

” A thought seems to cross her mind and her face goes blank.

I frown and move to the railing on her bed, “Seven? Do you want to tell me where you just went in your head?

I’m not sure hellish orgies or the crack house down the street would bring that expression on.”

She looks up at me with crystal clear green eyes, “Wind…it’s the manifestation of death. Never seen, cold and unyielding.

” She keeps an incredibly intense expression as she goes on, “People say you can’t have a fear of the wind. That you can just go inside, but it tears up the roof and pulls out the walls.

It’s not the wind I’m scared of, it’s death.”

She finishes her thought on almost a whisper and unconsciously I leaned in closer to her to hear. Her passion so enthralling I didn’t know that our faces were less than two feet apart.

As if she was watching inside my eyes she watches my expression as I get lost in her thoughts and then she jerks up at me making me jump back.

Then she starts cackling as I shake my head and back up.

“So I can see that we’re at a stopping point for the afternoon, There will be another doctor, Dr. Stevens, that will look in on you overnight.

I’ll be back in the morning and we can get started.”

Still cackling she asks, “Mmm does he like dick? I noticed that a lot of man shrinks like dick. Do you like dick Dr. Robbins? Or maybe a strap on is more to your liking?”

I just shake my head, “ Again, that information doesn’t come until the third date at the earliest.” I have to shake myself lightly as thoughts of my husband rises a bit.

“I’ll see you in the morning Seven. Do yourself a favor and behave yourself over night and maybe we can get rid of the restraints.”

As I’m walking out of the room she calls after me, “I’m holding you to that sexual position conversation on our third date!”

I wait until the door closes completely before banging my head lightly against the wall. I know now just how much work I have to do with Seven before I have any hope of truly helping her.

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