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rrequiem a mindless poet.
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*puts down pizza slice and sweats profusely*


okay so yall may have noticed my recent inactivity.

i have a few reasons for it, trust me on that.

reason 1: my fathers are jerks and love messing with my computer time. they dont even let me have a second of peace before they come in and ruin it all.

reason 2: im just not very active here. im active over on everskies, for those who want to have further contact with me. my user there is LUMIN3.

reason 3: ive been feeling mad unmotivated (the blame there falls on both myself and my dads).

i hope you all can understand these reasons. ill try to post as much as i can.

and if this ends up being the last post i make for a while, then... uh,, i dunno.

anyways, thats all for this post. thanks for reading this thing, i guess.

- ichigo/ichi

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