The Potty
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It is just the possible monster in the toilet. What could be the harm?

The Potty

Ricky Evers is sitting in his third grade English Class as Mrs. Cambree is busy writing the words for the spelling test that is on Friday.

She has her back against Ricky when Ricky raised his hand, wanting to go to the bathroom when Mrs. Cambree did not see this for obvious circumstances.

Before she turned Johnny who is the boy in front of him turned and gave him a sour look.

"What are you doing?"

"I have to go pee." Ricky scrunched his face.

"I am about to pee my pants."

"Oh sure, you want to go the janitor's toilet?" The janitor's toilet is the only toilet in this small school of about two hundred and thirty seven classmates.

The faculty bathroom is under lock and key and that is someplace that the students cannot enter which is the faculty room that is always under a numeric lock that is upon the door.

"You know what is in there?"

"I know, the toilet monster that comes from the potty and sucks your brain from the back of your skull."

"You better watch out." Johnny turned back foreword, shaking his head from side to side.

"You better be quiet or the potty monster will come and do it."

Ricky raised his hand again when Mrs. Cambree turned and looked at Ricky like a tick that needs to be burned by the biggest lighter to be found.

"What is it, Mr. Evers?"

"I need to use the restroom, please?"

"Just grab one of the rulers that are hanging from the hook and be quick about it. I will not wait for you to come back when I erase the words off the board."

"Thank you, Mrs. Cambree.

" Ricky got up and grabbed the ruler off from the hook,

trying not to grab his crotch when he left the room and arrived at the hallway with his eyes darting towards the door to the janitor's closet where the bathroom is.

He skipped to the door and opened it when he sees the various crap that is stuck in the corner with the mop and the broom to boot.

He sees the pink sawdust bag that is up over the locker when he thought of Mr.

Nelson that is probably sitting on the toilet, sleeping with the sour smell of dead rabbits that are stinking from his clothes.

He did not see a pair of old dried Caterpillar Boots under the only stall of one of two toilets that is in the school when Ricky quietly opened the door,

seeing the encrust of old toilet paper that is stuck on the seat of the toilet.

This toilet looks like it has not been cleaned in a long time when the burning sixty watt bulb burned over the toilet that had seen better days.

Do not wake the monster. Ricky thought when he came in quietly and closed the door behind him.

Ricky plopped his naked butt on the toilet and did a number one and a number two when he tried to be quiet.

He heard nothing from the vents above him when he thought of the rats that around the school; the rats that are as big as chihuahuas when Ricky shook the thought out of his brain.

It took him almost a minute to finish up, being that the longest minute of his life when he cleaned himself up and then flushed the toilet when he skipped out of the stall.

That is when he met Mr. Nelson that is standing there with a mild expression upon his face.

"You cannot escape from my pet." The janitor smiled when he tried to grab Ricky when Ricky kicked him square in the balls.

"Ohhhhhhh!" The Janitor clenched his teeth when he dropped to his knees.

"You touch me and I will kill you." Ricky whispered when he moved around Mr. Nelson when Mr. Nelson tried to grab him.

"Get back here and taste your medicine you little bastard." He gritted.

"I know what you did to the others but I cannot prove it. You will get your though. You will get yours.

" Ricky opened the door and ran back to his classroom when he stopped running before opening the door to Mrs. Cambree's room.

The words are erased from the board and all the children sit in their defined places. Mrs. Cambree looked at him and he sat down in his seat with a gracious smile on his face.

"You meet Nelson?" Johnny asked Ricky when Ricky only nodded.

"I kicked him square in the jimmy."

"Good. That old asshole deserved for what he did." Johnny kept his face behind the English Book when Ricky said nothing more about the matter.

It is just the monster in the toilet that he is worried about. It is just the monster in the toilet that kills children.

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