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Just a thing for the daily prompt that I spent hours on! Sorry if the formatting is weird I wanted to try something new!

Sugar coated mask

I live Behind A sugarcoated Mask

I seem so Kind As if you could See through Me as if I am Glass But That Is just My sugar- Coated mask. That is not not me...

That Mask Is Not Made Of Glass It is made Of ceramic, Gold and Carved stone Its beautiful And simple with a fake smile carved In the stone

When I cry My eyes start to sparkle Behind the mask The tears may Fall on the inside But never On the Out

I am broken Behind my mask. That is the side I never show. What will People think When they find The storm that lies behind that Sweet little mask... What will they do when They find that I'm not P e r f e c t Behind the sugary mask

I am. I am broken and Sweet Bruised and in a lot of & kind Ways I am confused I love everyone because I am scared they will leave Even if they say they wont They will still leave This is what I acctually am The white is I am loving and. What U Caring and wouldn't. See Hurt a soul. All you see

"I AM BROKEN! CANT YOU SEE! I AM ME! NOT WHAT YOU SEE OR SAY ILL BE!" The voice behind my sugar-coated mask S C R E A M S

Someday someone will come around. They will break me... They will change me... They will shatter my sugarcoated mask and see the real me... thell leave me for everyone to see... no one will care... they'll Just stare I will break beyond repair But that day is not today... for now they'll care

Behind my sugarcoated mask is me, just the verson that you dont See I am Not who I say I am And who I am is not Who you See So Now you Know that I am not me Please... Save me From myself

I fear that I will no longer be Able to hide. I will have to Show the Beast inside ... This mask Is suffocating I can't breath Or speak Because I am not safe being me

But I will never take my mask off because I am scared of what people will See..... Please save. Me because I can not take this sugarcoated mask off

I hope you enjoyed Stay gold ~Rowan ~

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