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You are on the edge Of life

Reaching out

You are on the edge

Of life

Wanting to end

I reach out my hand

Hoping to be able to grab you

You were on the edge

I am reaching out...

For you to take my hand

But I was to late

I didnt see the signs

That you were already gone

You looked at me

One last time

And said goodbye

I couldnt save you

But now that's what I'm trying to do

"Talk to me"

"Tell me your thoughts"

I pull you through

And that's all

That's where it ends

Once I'm reaching out

Because I'm standing on the cliff

You just stare

And once I say goodbye

You pretend to care...

But now let me tell you

One last thing

The last thing I'll ever say


Stay gold ~Rowan~

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