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Yes you All of you

Just be you!

Hey you Yes you

All of you

You are beautiful

Or handsome

You are amazing and you are awesome

You are the one of the best people I have met

Never give up

Never change yourself for someone else

If they dont like you

Then screw them

Never lose faith

Continue being you

Because if you are you

You wont have to try to not be you

I love you just the way you are

No matter if you like boys

Or girls

Or nonbianary pearls

Or all of the above

If you want to identify as a boy

Or a girl

Or a nonbianary pearl

Then be you

If your straight

I love you

If your gay

I love you

If your a loner

Guess what

I love you too

You may hate the world once

You may mess up a couple times

Or even alot

But never give up

Because if you give up

Then what's to say no one will follow you

Follow your dreams no matter how impossible they seem

Dont follow someone else's footsteps

Mark your own

If people make fun of you

So be it

Dont let them get in the way

Because they dont know how far you'll go

Your footsteps could go by miles

And theirs meters

Never give up on your path




I cant stress that enough

No matter which you you are

I will still love you

I'll be there for you

When your happy



Or mad

Ill be here

Waiting for the tide to roll over

I'll be here for you through thick

And thin

And everything inbetween

Because that's what you did for me

You havent left yet

You're still here

And hopefully you wont leave

And even if you do

Guess what

I'll still love you

Maybe I'm weird

That's who I've chosen to be

Maybe you follow trends

Well that's fine with me

Maybe you sit alone reading a book

Maybe you play video games in your nook

Maybe your lazy

Maybe your active

Maybe you like to run

I will still think you're fun!

Because I'm saying this again

If you just be you

And I be me

Then maybe we can set this world free

Free of hate

But full of love

If you are who you are

Theres nothing you should ever be ashamed of

I love you all tons and bunches

Thank you for being there

For me

So I'll be there for you

You be you








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