Who's normal?
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rowan0530 MISSIO/NF/Eminem/Grandson/Billie Eilish/
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I don't know who they are either.

Who's normal?

All these flaws that you think are scars, only make more beautiful. Every imperfection you tear yourself down about, only makes you stronger. We're all human.

You're a star. Weather you admit it or not, you're amazing. You're enough, all these imperfections, shows your worth. Everyone makes mistakes, we must learn from them. We're all human.

You may be different, but everyone is. There's no one exactly the same, not even twins. So who are you comapring yourself to, you call them "normal" who is that? We're all different... who's normal?

Never met normal, nor heard of them. Have you seen them? You just want to be normal.. I don't... that's boring.... Who even is normal? Not me.

I'm proud of not being normal. I'm my own person, no ones puppet. Who's normal? Tell me, why do you compare yourself to everyone? You're you I'm me

Simplicity Of this all You're you I'm me And normal is nobody

You're amazing So whoever "normal" is, leave everyone be. We don't need to compare our self's to you. We don't care, be you, we'll be us. He'll be him She'll be here They'll be them

Leave us alone "normal" We aren't so deal with it, we never wish to be. You're all pretty, kind, smart, and enough! You deserve the air you breathe, the love you get, and I will proceed to remind you.

So "normal" Please leave No one likes you You hurt us Why? You're so mean, we just wish to be.

No one wants to die, this is just a whisper inside. You're beautiful, heart of pure gold. Please live free, don't let anyone tell you who to be. "Normal" doesn't exist.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm always here to talk if anyone needs to <3 Stay safe, be you, be free, be true, and keep being amazing!


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