What do you think about me?
What do you think about me? emojis stories
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rowan0530 ~It comes and goes in waves~
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Hehe, I want to know how you guys see me XD

What do you think about me?

We give this idea to @notanauthor, they did this first and I 'stole' the idea (with their permission of course) Also be honest please :)

šŸ˜œ- Silly šŸ˜Š- Kind šŸ˜- Crush šŸ˜‚- Funny šŸ™„ - Annoying šŸ˜Ž- Cool šŸ˜“- Boring šŸ˜- Nothing šŸ˜±- Scary šŸ¤“- Smart šŸ˜”- Mean šŸ˜‡- Angel šŸ˜- Best friend šŸ˜‰- Friend

The emjoi's will be in the comments with each meaning, just comment which ones you think about me!


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